The college has got no dearth of ‘chilling points’ scattered all over the campus for the students to socialize with their comrades. Explore these locations, some of them are way older than you think!


Like every other thing in the college, the hostels have a lot more to deliver than meets the eye. Explore the magnificent hostels of the institute, and the amenities provided to the students living in it.


From dramatics to dance to astronomy to music to art, there’s no sphere that the countless societies at IIT (ISM) don’t encompass. Explore these organizations and the aspects that make every single one of them unique!


You name it, you got it. Check out the numerous sports activities available for the campus community.


The ultimate respite of the students. With so many fests spread all over the academic calendar, you’d always be haunted with a fear of ‘missing out’. Take a tour through these festivals, you’d be stunned to behold the grandeur of some.


Find out about the student gymkhana, its structure, working and the constitution. For more details click here.


With the college standing the test of time since 1926, it boasts of rich heritage. Explore its culture, and yes, don’t forget the lingos prevalent amidst the campus populace!


Check out the state-of-the-art health facilities available in the college, in addition to a 24*7 ambulance service and the campus security.


Find out the innumerable achievements of IIT Dhanbad’s students over the years.